An eSim database!

Planted September 17, 2023

Last year I came across a handly little app called Airalo.

Airalo lets you install data only eSims on your phone - perfect for a trip abroad.

It’s always been my go to since (most) mobile networks in the UK re-introuduced roaming fees.

Then I found esimbdb. A way of comparing eSim prices from various eSim providers for different countries!

I’m probably still going to use Airalo. It might cost a little more, but the app is super conveniance, accepts Apple Pay (or Google Pay on Android), gives you cashback credit on your purchases and simplifies the eSim installion process (it’s a one tap install on iOS).

Want to give Airalo a spin? Use my code ‘AKASH336’ for $3 off your first purchase (I also get $3 in credit as well).