Houston, we have notes!

Planted September 9, 2023
Last tended to on September 11, 2023
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Houston, we have notes!

In addition to the articles, I’ve decided to add a notes section to the website now. There are times when I wanted to write a short piece about something but it didn’t feel right to put it in the articles section of the website.

Sometimes I just want to…note something down.

Hence the notes section!

What are notes meant to be?

Notes will be short pieces of writing. Most likely a couple of lines long.

They’ll basically be my equivalent of a tweet.

If a note ends up getting too long, I might decide to nudge it over to the articles section.

Notes RSS feed

Thanks to Hugo, a new RSS feed is auto-magically generated for notes. If you want to subscribe to it, here’s the notes RSS feed link

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