Customising my Hugo Theme

Planted January 30, 2023
Reading time: 2 minutes
Tags: #hugo #web-dev

My Hugo website uses the Digital Garden Hugo theme but I’ve made a few changes in addition to using the theme. I’ve listed these changes below both for myself to refer back to and for anyone else that might find these useful to include in their own Hugo website 👇🏽

Updating lastmod text

One of the first changes I made was to change the lastmod front matter text that was displayed on the theme. Previously it would default to showing Pruned January 2, 2023 on articles with the lastmod front matter. After my change to the article single layout it now instead shows Last tended to on January 2, 2023.

Link to code change.

Additional Article Front Matter

I ended up adding a few new improvements to the article front matter.

Article read time

Added a read time for articles. This is automatically generated and listed for each article item. This is based on the code found here.

Link to code change.


I wanted to be able to nagivate my site articles by tags, so I’ve added tags to each article and updated the autogenerated tags page (was previously blank) as well. The code from the tags page is currently just copied from the theme’s portfolio layout. It’s not perfect but it works for now.

Link to code change.

rel-me verifcation

Modified the social icons sidebar code to include rel=me. Used for verification on Mastodon.

Link to code change.

404 page copy

Added some copy to the 404 page (was previously a blank page).

Link to code change.

Buy me a coffee widget

Added a buy me a coffee widget to each article page by creating a new partial shortcode.

Link to code change.

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